arisaig 1, originally uploaded by Hannahcha.

Being such a huge fan of ysolda‘s patterns, I’m in the midst of my arisaig. I began knitting it on a long busride in the north of Peru in August 2007. It’s now January and I have completed the back, both fronts, one sleeve, and am in the midst of the second sleeve. I knit for between half an hour and an hour every day, hence my slow progress, but slowly but surely I am getting this one done! It’s harder to knit lately since it’s summertime in Lima, and wool is not so nice to handle when it’s warm and humid. I’m hoping to finish by the end of the month. This pattern is delightful, as are bamboo needles. I’d never done much lace before, and you can find plenty of mistakes in the back piece, which was the first section I made. I don’t mind a few mistakes, since it’s for me and not a gift for someone else, but I’m happy to report the rest of the sweater has gone much more smoothly.