How do you deal with crafting in the heat?  It’s summer in Peru, and man, it is HOT.  on top of that, we are working hard on setting up our espresso bar, which means lots of scraping walls, painting, driving around in a hot unairconditioned car, shopping for supplies in warm markets.  We are thisclose to having everything we need to open, although there are still miles to go before we sleep.

I am half a sleeve, some edging, blocking, and seaming away from completing my arisaig, after months of “poco a poco,” and unfortunately I have found myself suddenly without much time, inclination or relatively cool temparatures to sit for hours with handfuls of wool.  hot hands do not like to have yarn slipping over them.  When I’m awake, I’m busy and sweating, and when we’re home resting in the slightly cooler night, we just want to eat and sleep. When I do finish this sweater, I’m afraid I’m not even going to want to put it on, because a second in a wool sweater is a second in which I may simply melt.  As for beginning to spin, again, I’m going to have to cope with some warm weather and incredible busy-ness.  sigh.  knitting is so much cozier when it’s chilly out.

There’s a good chance that in a few weeks I will take a brief trip to Bolivia, which might entail 12 hours in a cushy air-conditioned sleeper bus, which would be ideal for finishing the knitting part.  let’s hope that works out!  as for spinning, once my wheel is completely finished and I’ve got the alpaca in front of me, i’m sure that not even a heat wave could keep me from it.