Hi world,

I think this blog might eventually have to become much more about food than about knitting.  I OBSESS about food.  about what i’m cooking, what i want to make. what other people are making, how they are doing it, how i could do it too but maybe differently… … …

before i get all giddy over foodstuff, here’s a glimpse of what’s been coming off my needles lately:

it’s a baby blanket (Tweed Baby Blanket, pattern courtesy of jared flood at brooklyntweed.blogspot.com) for my cousin’s new baby girl.  It took much longer than i expected, but the yarn was so delicious that i didn’t care.  Babies still need blankets when they’re a few months old and no longer tiny little newborns, right? .. Right!!  Now I’m slowly but surely plugging my way through a gorgeous manly cabled sweater for D, an old design from Rowan.  So far so good.

i also made these sweet little shoes for my sweet little one-month-old goddaughter.

And hey, my hands can do other stuff too — i made my very first CHALLAH!!  And holy sesame seeds, batman, this is GOOD.  thanks, smitten kitchen, for the easy to follow recipe!

(*** i want to make lots more bread.  i really honestly do.  i just need to make time for it.  but yeah. i really, really should.)

and then there’s this.  K for P (that’s kosher for passover) spongecake, an old family recipe.  The batter includes half a lemon and half an orange grated whole, potato starch, separated and firmly beaten eggs, sugar, and a whole lot of love from the person who has to carefully fold all those ingredients together.  Maybe this recipe is reserved for a special holiday because the only way the cake doesn’t fall down in the oven is if you pray for it.

But I jest.  It’s really not so difficult to create a succulently moist, citrusy, sweet, satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth spongecake. All you need is a good egg beater, one authentic 1950’s-era glass diet soda bottle for hanging the cake upside down while it cools, and a trusty rubber spatula for folding. Smother it with cool whip and fresh berries and you’ve got yourself a birthday celebration on a plate (happy birthday mom!).